The Dutch Brick House, Dulwich






The project consisted of an extension to a semi-detached Late-Victorian terraced house within the Dulwich Estate Conservation area in London. In doubling the area of the existing ground floor, the new volume integrates multiple sources of natural light into the spaces created, maximising openness to the beautiful garden beyond. When viewed internally, the large skylight lantern elegantly frames the mature tree situated directly outside, creating a window to the seasons. Designed in the 'transitional' style, the addition has an aesthetic that bridges traditional and modern, in its considered use of material and proportion. In celebration of the exaggerated proportional length of the Dutch brick sourced, each façade of the extension and every aperture within it are designed to incrementally align with the brickwork, so that the bonding runs seamlessly across its length. Multiple mortar recipes and application methods were tested before the final selection was made to harmonise with the brickwork. Originally started informally as a project for friends, The Dutch Brick House was featured in various design and architecture magazines and then subsequently led to the launch of our practice in late 2019.

NOTO’s approach is hugely thoughtful, deeply sympathetic to the original building, but also creative. That combination means that the result is beautiful. It has eye-catching details that contrast but complement the Victorian house and shows careful thought was put into the choice of materials and the architectural expression. 

Timur, client


Dulwich, London




French + Tye

Noto Architects