The Picture House, Balham






The Picture House was derived from a clear brief for a rear extension to a terraced London property - maximise the proportion of the glazing to the rear facade, whilst simultaneously minimising the appearance of the other constructed elements. Through considered architectural detailing, the roof structure, insulation build-up and drainage routes are decidedly setback from the rear façade, to give the impression that the constructed elements are completely independent of the large-format feature sliding doors. This allowed for the doors to sail uninterrupted in front of the rest of the composition, to maximise the focus on the slimline architectural glazing. When viewed from the kitchen, this detail creates an interrupted vista, or 'picture window', which frames the garden and gives the impression that the ceilings are linked directly to this outside space. A flush threshold detail with concealed drainage channels further this illusion, allowing for an almost seamless transition between the internal and external spaces. The handmade kitchen features punctuations of warm copper tones throughout the installation, curating a visual link to the cedar cladding in the garden. The landscaping was hand built by the main contractor, to ensure a visual continuity throughout.

NOTO’s practical and creative approach throughout the planning, approval, tender, specification and project management phases has been measured and considered, reflecting their extensive experience in their field of both architecture and construction. There is no doubt our project would not have worked out as well as it has, without their expertise. 

Amber, Client


Balham, London




French + Tye

Noto Architects