The Planed House, Devon






Located in the south of Devon, Planed House is an embodiment of one growing family’s journey out of London and into the countryside, in search of breathing space. The project grew out of a series of concept sketches and models, culminating in a space that creatively reflected the family’s character and design sensibility. The materials and techniques selected for use in the design are hand-crafted and bespoke to each space or function, sculpted through a symbiotic design process between Craftsman, Client, and Architect. That said, the approach to the design was driven by a need to economise on scale, which meant that design interventions were largely implemented within the existing fabric of the building, simply rationalised and designed to make better use of the house. An accumulative process of trial, error and repeat, allowed for the building of something rather unexpected, rejecting the conventional solutions more commonly adopted in the area, but equally paying homage to the original proportion of the building itself. The elegantly simplistic profile of the charred shou sugi ban extension was implemented to counterbalance the heaviness of the char, achieved through rigorous construction detailing and a series of creative workshops.

NOTO’s attention to detail and impeccable taste is second to none and together has helped us achieve a fantastic home. We can’t rate them highly enough.

Hayley, client


Totnes, Devon




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